You can set the Library’s Default Sort Order for Library documents/files from the Library Configuration menu by hovering your mouse over the header and clicking the ellipsis icon on the right > Configure Library > Library Settings. 

You’ll then scroll down to the Default Sort Order section to select one of the following options:

  • Alphabetical - displays first Folders and then Documents in alphabetical order
  • Popular views in the last 60 days - displays all Documents ordered by number of views/downloads in descending order (Folders themselves will only be visible in the Folder tree on the left rail)
  • Recently Changed - displays all Documents with the most recently changed at the top (Folders themselves will only be visible in the Folder tree on the left rail) 

Note: Users can change the sort order in their individual Library settings at any time.


How Do I Manually Control the Order of Documents/Files?

The best way to manually control the order of documents/files is to add numbers to the document/file titles, such as: 

01. Some document

02. Another document

03. A third document

To keep the correct sort order, make sure the number includes the leading "0."

How does the Sort Order determine whether Folders are visible?

By design, Folders only show up in the content area when the sort order is set to Alphabetical. When you sort your library content by the "Popular" or "Recently Changed" sort orders, the view changes to exclude Folders and only shows Documents from the currently selected path in the Library and below. 

For example, the below screenshot shows the top-level Folders sorted Alphabetically.

Alphabetical Sort Order 

Changing the sort order from "Alphabetical" to "Popular - views in the last 60 days" will display the most popular documents/files from the last 60 days without Folders. 

Popular - Views in Last 60 Days Sort Order 

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