The Library's Document Report offers a comprehensive list of all documents within a Library. It also provides detailed insights into document data such as creation date, last updated date, author information (created by), and document permissions. This robust functionality empowers Users to manage and update their Library content in bulk efficiently while streamlining administrative tasks and ensuring consistency across the document repository. Additionally, the Document Report allows for customizable filters and sorting options, enabling Users to tailor their view according to specific criteria and swiftly locate the documents they need for editing or review. 

***This article includes step-by-step instructions on how to assign permissions to content in bulk using the Document Report. For instructions on how to assign permissions in bulk to Library Content and other entities, such as Co-Branded Assets, News Items, and more, check out the Permissions Report. *** 

How Do I Access the Report?

You can access the Report by hovering your mouse over the header in the Library and clicking the ellipsis icon in the top right > Reports. 

You’ll then select “Document Report.”

Switch the layout to the "Table Layout" to view the Documents in a list format.


From there, you’ll extend the list of results on the page from "1-10" to show up to 200 records at a time. 

How Do I Add, Remove, and Reorder the Columns in the Report? 

Click the gear icon on the top right > "Manage Columns" to customize the Report by adding, removing, and rearranging columns. Learn more about this topic here: How do I use Dynamic Reporting to create custom reports and Views?.

For instance, you can create a custom report that shows permissions assigned to content and the total number of views/downloads for each item by adding the below columns to your view/report:

  • Views/Downloads - shows the total number of views/downloads of each item 
  • Permissions - shows the Permission Type assigned to each item:
    • Everyone
    • Groups
    • Smart Permissions 
    • No One 
  • Group Permissions - shows the Group(s) assigned to each item

TIP: You can change the sort order by clicking a column header once for ascending order (A-Z, 0-9) and twice for descending order (Z-A, 9-0). For example, the Views/Downloads column below is configured to show the Most Viewed items on top. 

How Do I Perform Actions in Bulk?

Select the checkboxes next to the items you wish to update > Actions. Here's a list of the supported actions: 

  • Replace Permissions - allows you to REPLACE the current Permissions assigned to selected records with a new set of Permissions. 
  • Add Group Permissions- allows you to assign additional Groups to content 
  • Remove Group Permissions - allows you to remove Groups assigned to content 
  • Replace Tags - allows you to replace/change the Tags assigned to selected records
  • Add Tags - allows you to add additional Tags to content 
  • Remove Tags - allows you to remove Tags from content 
  • Change Owner - allows you to change the Internal User assigned to content 
  • Move - allows you to move items within the Library 
  • Delete - allows you to delete items from the Library 

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