Channeltivity's MDF Management module lets you track the ROI of your MDF program. You can do this by enabling the "ROI Statistics & Integration with Deal Registration" feature. Doing so will allow your Partners and Distributors to link their Deal Registrations to MDF-funded activities when registering Deals. 

How Do I Enable This Feature? 

Go to MDF > MDF Module Settings and select the "ROI Statistics & Integration with Deal Registration" checkbox > Save.

Note: Channeltivity uses the "Amount" field on the Deal Registration form to calculate the ROI percentage, so make sure the "Amount" field on the Deal Registration form is enabled by going to Settings > Deal Registration > Deal Module Settings

How Do Users Link MDF Requests To Deal Registrations?

When registering a Deal, Partners and Distributors can indicate that the Deal originated from an MDF-funded activity by setting the "This Deal resulted from an MDF-funded activity" field on the Deal Registration form to "Yes." 

The system will then prompt them to select the corresponding MDF Request. Users can select only one MDF Request per Deal.

How Can I View the MDF ROI Metrics for Each Organization?

You can view the MDF ROI Metrics for each Organization by going to MDF > Organizations and clicking on an Organization to view its details.

 How Are the Metrics Calculated?

Channeltivity uses the Amount and Stage fields on the Deal to calculate the following MDF ROI metrics:

  • Registered Deals:  Number of Deals registered by the Partner or Distributor.
  • Won Deals: Number of Deals in the "Closed/Won" Stage and the average amount of those Deals. 
  • Generated Revenue:  Combined total amount of Closed/Won Deals. 
  • ROI Percentage: Generated Revenue / Total MDF Reimbursement Amount of the linked MDF Requests. 

How can I view Deals linked to MDF Requests? 

  1. Go to the Deal Registration lister page and use the filter area on the left to add the "MDF Source Status" filter.
  2. Set the filter to "Resulting from MDF-funded activity." 
  3. Click "Apply Filters" to view the results.

Note: You can add additional columns to your view/report, such as "MDF Request Title" and "ID," using the instructions listed in this article.


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