Channeltivity's Deal Registration form includes the below standard fields:

To add custom fields to the Deal Registration form:

  1. Go to Settings > Deal Registration > Deal Custom Fields.
  2. Click the Add Field link.
  3. Name the field and add the description you want Partners to see.
  4. Select the Field Type.
  5. Set your field visibility. 
    • "Partner Edit" and "Partner View" together mean Partners can view and edit the field.
    • For read-only, select Partner View to make the field visible to Partners and uncheck the Partner Edit checkbox to prevent them from editing the field. 
    • Internal-facing:  Uncheck both checkboxes to hide the field from Partners and makes it only visible to Internal Users.
  6. Click OK and repeat until you have added all your custom fields. 
  7. Click Save to save your changes.

      Deal Custom Fields


**Make sure you need the information you are asking for, and Partners can provide it.