Set up and configure the Partner Agreements functionality to automate your Partner contracting process. Learn more about how the Partner Agreements functionality works in Channeltivity here: What is the Partner Agreements functionality, and how does it work?

Agreement Settings Configuration  

  1. Go to Settings > Partner Agreements > Partner Agreement Settings
  2. You can select the "Partner users can only access the portal once all required Agreements are signed by an Authorized User" checkbox if you want Partner Users to only be able to access the portal once an Authorized User has signed all required Agreements. Leaving it unchecked will allow Partner Users to access the portal even if required Agreements are unsigned. 
  3. You can choose to give all the Users at Partner Organization access to download their signed Agreements from their Organization Profile, or you can choose one of the following options instead:
    • Disabled - Prevents Users from accessing signed Agreements. They'll only be able to download Agreements right after signing them. 
    • Primary Contact only - Gives the Primary Contact (one Contact) the ability to access signed Agreements.
    • Key Contacts only - Gives the Key Contacts (multiple Contacts) the ability to access signed Agreements. 

  4. Set up your Partner Signature Block to include the placeholder detail needed.

Sample - Partner Signature Block 

(Optional) Set up an Internal Counter Signature for your contracts by adding the detail for the automated counter signature. 

Sample - Internal Counter Signature 

(Optional) Scroll to the bottom of the page to enable the "Signed Agreement Notification." Enter the email addresses of the recipients you want notified about signed Agreements. 

Signed Agreements Notification 

Adding a Partner Agreement 

With your Agreement settings in place, you can now add your agreements.

  1. In Settings & Logs, click Partner Agreement Templates and click New Agreement Template.
  2. Title your Agreement and add a description. 

New Partner Agreement Template 

3. You can manually assign an Agreement to a Partner Organization or specify which Partner Types and Regions will be automatically required to sign the Agreement by default.

Important Note: While you can manually override automatic Agreement assignments on a per Partner basis, making Agreement Templates required for Partner Types and Regions that contain multiple currently active Partners should be done carefully. We recommend that customers with a large number of existing Partners in Channeltivity submit a support ticket before rolling out the Partner Agreements functionality so we can assist with the planning and configuration process. 

Partner Agreement Assignment 


4. Copy your contract and paste it into the Agreement text box. Add placeholders for the Partner Signature Block and Internal Countersignature Block (Optional). You can also add additional placeholders for Partner information such as Partner name, address, and date. Placeholders are used to automatically populate the Agreement with details from the User and Partner profiles. To add a placeholder, select "Placeholder" in the Agreement text toolbar.

New Agreement- Placeholders

5. Click Save. Repeat the process for each Partner Agreement.

Partner Agreement Letterhead

Customize the appearance of your Agreements by uploading your company letterhead. If enabled, all new Agreements will use your letterhead as a background. To add your letterhead, go to Settings > Partner Agreements > Partner Agreement Letterhead. 

Partner Agreement Letterhead Screen

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