Groups are used to give Users access permissions to content and functionality within Channeltivity. Before you get started creating Groups, make sure to learn all about Groups and best practices on create a good Group permissions structure.

Creating a Group:

To create a Group, go to Admin and select Groups from the Admin menu in the left navigation menu. This will take you to the Groups page.

Left Main Navigation Menu

From the Groups page, you can create your Internal and Partner Groups by clicking the New button and selecting Internal or Partner. The Groups screen also shows how many Users exist in each Group, and how many resources are available for each Group.

Groups Page

  1. On the new Group screen, name your Group
  2. Give it a description
  3. Make a selection on how Users will be assigned to the Group with the Membership radio:
    1. Manual Groups require that each User is manually assigned to the Group by an Administrator. This can be done in bulk, but still requires effort. If possible, we recommend using Smart Groups instead.
    2. Smart Groups automate the assignment of Users based on rules that you define. In the example screenshot below, any Users that are members of Partners of the "Gold Reseller" type will be automatically assigned to this Group. In general, we recommend using Smart Groups to minimize administrative overhead.
  4. Select the appropriate permission/access for each module. Group permissions are defined here
  5. Click Save to save your changes

 New Partner Group Screen

Once you've created your Groups, you can configure the Library.

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