Yes! For those who are using Partners as Distributors as a workaround, we can convert these Partners to Distributors.

Since Partners are not equivalent to Distributors, we need to create a copy of the Partner and their Users so that incompatible historical data can remain in the portal. Here's how it works:

  • We'll copy the Partner Organization and its Users/Contacts to a new Distributor Organization
    • This includes standard system data fields, history, email domains, etc...
  • The Partner that remains in the portal will be made Inactive and renamed to include the suffix "(Partner)." For example, "ACME Inc." would become "ACME Inc. (Partner)." 
    • This allows you to differentiate the 2 Organizations and to prevent naming validation issues

Will the new Distributor Organizations sync with Salesforce/HubSpot?

No. Distributors are not included in the Partner Sync Integration, so they will not sync with Salesforce or HubSpot. However, the old Partner Organizations will still exist in the portal and continue syncing with Salesforce/HubSpot. 

Will the Distributor still be able to access everything they could as a Partner?

Here are the modules that the Distributors will be able to access:

  • Business Plans
  • Deals
    • The Deals will stay assigned to the Partner; however, the Distributor will have access to the Deal through the Distributor field on the Deal
  • Leads
  • Co-Branded Collateral 
  • MDF Requests/Transactions
  • Training Content
  • Library Documents
  • Forum Posts
  • News Items

Here are the modules that the Distributors will not be able to access:

  • Referrals

What do I need to do prior to the migration?

  1. Create Distributor Groups: 
    • Since Distributor Groups are separate from Partner Groups, you'll need to create your Distributor Groups and set their permissions. Groups, of course, can be updated/added to later on. However, during the migration, we'll need to know which Group(s) to assign the Users to from the particular Partner that will be converted.

  2. Assign Content to Distributor Groups: 
    • Distributor Group permissions work the same way as Partner Group permissions, which means you'll need to assign your new Distributor Groups to the appropriate content in the Library, home page, and Training & Certification module. 

      • Library Documents- Assign the Distributor Group(s) to the appropriate content in the Library, using the bulk assignment feature at the bottom of this article
      • Content Widgets on Custom Pages - Assign the Distributor Group(s) to the appropriate items on the home page. 
      • Training Courses & Certifications - Assign the Distributor Groups to the appropriate Courses and Certifications