Our password security settings allow Admin Users to determine the precise level of security necessary to protect User Accounts. To configure your security settings, go to Settings > Security, Privacy & Compliance > Security. 

Password Settings

Select and configure the following password settings for Users:

  • Minimum/Maximum length and age: Specify a minimum and/or maximum password length (6-20 characters) and age (30-1,000 Days). 
  • Enforce password history: You can choose to prevent Users from using a specific number of their previous passwords. 
  • Require complex passwords:  Choosing this option requires all users' passwords to contain at least one number, one uppercase, and one lowercase character.
  • Enable secret question: Users will have to provide the answer to a secret question when setting up their account. This is used during password reset to prevent others from compromising your account.

Security - Password Settings 

Email Activation Link Settings

Specify the number of days the activation link is active in password reset and new account invitation emails. 

  • Password Reset Expiration: Specify the number of days the password reset link is active after a User's password has been reset. Learn more about this topic here
  • New Account Invitation Expiration: Specify the number of days the account activation link is active after a new account invitation has been sent. 

Expiration Settings -Password Reset /Account Invitation 

Account Lockout Settings:

Choose the amount of invalid login attempts a User is allowed before they are locked out of the portal and the amount of time they will remain locked out. 

  • Account Lockout Threshold: Users will be locked out of their account after a specific number of invalid login attempts. 
  • Account Lockout Timeout: Users will remain locked out of their accounts (due to invalid login attempts) for a specific amount time before they can try logging in again.

Lockout Settings