Channeltivity's Lead Distribution integration with Salesforce allows you to import Leads and Opportunities from Salesforce into Channeltivity as Leads. Leads created this way can be distributed to your Partners and are kept in sync with the originating Salesforce record. This article shows you how to easily import Leads and Opportunities to Channeltivity in bulk using the "Sync with Channeltivity" checkbox on the Lead/Opportunity records in Salesforce. 

Step 1: In Salesforce, go to any Leads/Opportunities view and add the "Sync with Channeltivity" checkbox to your view by clicking the gear icon on the right> Select Fields to Display.

Step 2: Move the Sync with Channeltivity field to the "Visible Fields" column on the right, then hit "Save."

Step 3: Select the checkboxes next to all the Leads/Opportunities you want to import and double-click the first checkbox under the Sync with Channeltivity column. 

Step 4: Select both checkboxes to set the Sync with Channeltivity flag on the selected records and click "Apply." 

Step 5: Channeltivity will import the Salesforce records as Leads during the next hourly sync (or you can manually trigger a full sync using the Sync Manager). You can then assign the records to the appropriate Partners in Channeltivity by going to the Lead Distribution module and selecting the checkboxes next to the Leads > Actions > Change Assigned Lead Owner.