Once you have our integration with Salesforce up and running, it's easy to export Leads into Channeltivity's PRM by first checking the "Export to Channeltivity" box in Salesforce and then using the "Import Leads from Salesforce" page in Channeltivity (Pipeline-->Settings-->Import Leads from Salesforce) to pull the Leads from Salesforce into Channeltivity.

If you have many Salesforce Leads you wish to import, editing the "Export to Channeltivity" for each individual Lead can be tedious, so this article shows you how to set the "Export to Channeltivity" flag for multiple Leads at once.

Step 1: In Salesforce, go to any Leads view and press the "Edit" button:

Step 2: Move the "Export to Channeltivity" field to the "Selected Fields" box on the right, then hit "Save":

Step 3: Select all the Leads you want to export:

Step 4: Double-click the "Export to Channeltivity" cell for any of the selected Leads:

Step 5: Set the "Export to Channeltivity" flag for all selected records and then hit "Save":

Step 6: Verify the export flag is set:

Step 7: Go to the Leads page and complete the import: