What is the Partner Locator Map?

The Partner Locator Map is a public-facing map that you can embed on your corporate website to help the public locate Partners in their area.  Users can find Partners in their area using the search bar and/or clicking on the map marker icons to view Partners in a specific Country or State. 

What Partners are featured on the Map? 

The Partner Locator Map includes Active Partners with country and state values listed in the address fields on the Partner record. 

It does not include the following: 

  • Active Partners with no address data
  • Prospective Partners
  • Inactive Partners
  • Distributors   

How do I add the Map to my corporate website? 

You can access the Map's embed code by going to Settings > Portal Customization > Embeddable Partner Locator Map. You'll then click the "Enable" button in the top right corner of the page to copy the Map's code and paste it into your corporate website's HTML. 

Is it possible to hide an Active Partner on the Map? 

Yes, you can hide a Partner by selecting the "Hide on External Map" checkbox field that appears on the Partner record once the Map is enabled.