Tracking completed training is a key element of the Training & Certification Module. Whenever a User completes a Course or Certification, this creates a Course Completion or Certification Completion record, respectively. These records include the User, the completion date, how long the Completion is valid and whether the Completion was created manually by an admin or by the User actually completing the Course. 

To track and manage User Training Completions:

  1. Click on the Training Menu.
  2. Select Course Completions or Certification Completions.
  3. Filter results as needed.
  4. Export to Excel by clicking the downward-facing arrow in the top right corner of the page > Export to Excel.

Course Completions

Certification Completions

Can I view Completions in a Partner's Profile?  

Completions are also stored in the Certifications tab of the Partner's profile (see Internal view below).

Partner Details Page - Certifications (Internal View)

Individual Users can track their Completions on their profiles and Users with access to their Organization profile can view all completions for their Organization's Users (See Partner User view below). 

Organization Profile Details Page - Certifications ( Partner User View)


Can I track Certification Completions in Salesforce?

 (Included with Channeltivity's Enterprise with Salesforce Edition)

Yes, the Partner Sync Integration  allows you to sync User and Organization Certification Completions (not to be confused with Course Completions) to the Salesforce Contact and Partner Account records. You can do this by mapping the Current Certifications fields in Channeltivity to the Contact and/or Account objects in Salesforce. 

Partner Sync Integration - Field Mappings 

To update your Partner Sync Integration field mappings, go to Settings > Salesforce Integration > Partner Sync > Add Mapping. Select "Current Certifications" from the Channeltivity dropdown menu and click the Create New Field button to create the corresponding field in Salesforce. 

New Field Mapping Window

Once you save your field mappings, Channeltivity will create a custom text area (255) field in Salesforce on the Contact and/or Account objects that will include the following Certification data: 

  • Name/Title
  • Completion Date
  • Expiration Date

Salesforce Contact Record - Current Certifications 

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