This article provides an overview of Channeltivity's Referral integration with Salesforce. Please also see the Referral Salesforce Integration Setup Instructions and What Is the Referral Module and How Does It Work?

Channeltivity's Referral integration with Salesforce makes it easy to get Referrals submitted through Channeltivity into your Salesforce CRM. The integration can be explained in three steps:

  1. Once a Partner or Distributor submits a Referral, Channeltivity creates a copy of the Referral as a Lead within Salesforce. This can be configured to happen automatically or on a manual basis. 
  2. Should you decide to convert the Salesforce Lead to an Opportunity, Channeltivity will recognize the conversion and maintain the link to the corresponding record in Channeltivity. 
  3. Changes made to the Referral in Channeltivity are reflected in Salesforce and vice versa. 

 You can use the Salesforce button on Referrals linked to Leads/Opportunities in Salesforce to do any of the following: 

  • View the Lead/Opportunity in Salesforce takes you to the corresponding record in Salesforce. 
  • Sync Now a full sync runs once every hour, but you can sync individual records any time by clicking the "Sync Now."
  • Full Details view the record's integration status and sync errors. 
  • View Integration Log view the records' sync history on the Integration Log.
  • Unlink unlink the record from the corresponding record in Salesforce. 


Does Salesforce PRM have Referral management functionality?

Salesforce PRM can be used to manage referrals from channel partners, but the licensing costs often make a more focused solution like Channeltivity PRM the better choice, since its bi-directional integration keeps Salesforce up-to-date.