This article gives step-by-step setup instructions of Channeltivity PRM’s Lead Distribution integration with HubSpot. An overview of Channeltivity’s Lead Distribution Integration can be found in this article

You will need to have completed the following steps in order to set up Channeltivity’s Lead Distribution integration with HubSpot:

Step 1: Set Up HubSpot Property

Before you jump into the configuration within Channeltivity, you'll need to add a property to the HubSpot Contact record to mark it for import into Channeltivity. It works the same as the property you created during the Deal Registration Integration setup and allows Channeltivity to flag/identify the records that are syncing with Channeltivity. We recommend calling it "Sync with Channeltivity as a Lead" or similar.

Step 2. Enable the Integration in Channeltivity

Go to Settings > HubSpot Integration > Lead Distribution and enable the integration. Then select the HubSpot Contact property you just created. 

Step 3: Configure Field Mappings

Scroll down to the Field Mappings section, where you specify the flow of data between Channeltivity and HubSpot. You'll see two tabs, each with a set of standard mappings for both the HubSpot Contact and Deal record types. Each mapping consists of a Channeltivity field and a HubSpot field connected by a button that indicates the sync direction.

You can add additional field mappings by clicking the “Add Mapping” button and selecting a field from the Channeltivity dropdown menu. You’ll then click the HubSpot dropdown menu to select the corresponding field in HubSpot. If the field does not yet exist in HubSpot, you can create it in HubSpot by clicking the “Create New Field” button.

In the "Data Flow" section, you control how data flows between Channeltivity and HubSpot. 

By default, new field mappings will flow in both directions, but you can check the "Advanced mode" box to reveal additional data flow options:

The buttons between the mapped fields indicate the data flow for the mapping. Non-standard mappings are yellow and include two arrows, the top one representing the creation of a record and bottom one the updating:

  1. Standard bi-directional data flow. This is the default for new mappings. Any changes made in either system will flow into the other during a sync.
  2. Non-standard data flow. Data flows right to left when a new record is created (top arrow) and flows left to right when a record is updated (bottom arrow).
  3. Non-standard data flow. Data flows right to left both when a new record is created and an existing record is updated.
  4. Non-standard data flow. Data flows right to left when a new record is created (top arrow). Nothing happens when a record is updated (bottom dotted line).

Learn more about field mappings and data flow options in this article: HubSpot Integration: Field Mapping Configuration.

By default, the Lead Distribution integration will pull data from HubSpot only when the Lead is initially created in Channeltivity PRM. You will need to update the data flow for the mapped fields if you wish any changes made in Channeltivity to flow back into HubSpot or vice versa.

Step 5: Save Settings & Test Integration

When all your field mappings are correct, hit the "Save" button to make the integration live. Go into HubSpot, select a Contact or Deal and check the flag to mark it for import. Then either wait for the next scheduled import or go to Settings > HubSpot > Sync Manager and start the import process manually: