The Lead Distribution module provides Partners with the Lead detail you determine. Channeltivity starts you out with a set of standard Lead Distribution fields but you can add additional custom fields as needed for your program. 

Add a custom field:

  1. Go to Settings > Lead Distribution > Lead Custom Fields. 
  2. Click Add Field.
  3. Name your field.
  4. Select a field type from the drop-down. Check Required if the field is required.
    • "Partner Edit" and "Partner View" together means Partners can view and edit the field.
    • Read-only: select Partner View to make the field visible to Partners and uncheck Partner Edit to prevent them from editing the field. 
    • Internal-facing:  Uncheck both checkboxes to hide the field from Partners and makes it only visible to Internal Users.
  5. Add a description (optional but recommended).
  6. Select field visibility.

 Lead Custom Fields Screen 

7. Click OK and repeat the process for any additional fields you want to add.
8. When you have added the custom fields needed, you can separate the questions into sections by clicking Add Section.
9. You can also reorder the questions by dragging them into your preferred order.
10. When finished, click Save.