Manage the process from Lead Distribution to opportunity conversion within Channeltivity. From the moment partners are assigned a new Lead, easily track their progress to ensure follow-up, and offer support when needed to increase close rates. To learn more, check out: What is the Lead Distribution module and how does it work?

Configuring Lead Distribution 

Go to Settings > Lead Distribution > Lead Distribution Module Settings.  Add a page description to the Lead Distribution page for all Partners to see and configure the Lead Distribution workflow to allow the assigning of Leads to Partner Organizations and Partner Users.  

    Lead Distribution Module Settings

Channeltivity's Lead Distribution Module can be configured to provide extra safeguards for complying with GDPR. This article will take you through the configuration steps to enable these features.  

GDPR Options

The Lead Distribution form includes a set of standard fields. You can choose which fields are required and not required in the Field Setting section.  

     Field Settings Screen