When you sign up a new channel partner, this often means filling out reseller agreements and other legal documents. The Partner Agreements feature helps manage this process by allowing your Partners to electronically sign legal documents, such as partnership agreements, NDAs, etc., right within Channeltivity. This article explains how the Partner Agreements functionality works in Channeltivity. For Partner Agreement setup & configuration instructions, check out: Partner Agreements in the Implementation Guide.  

How do Partner Agreements work?

Create Agreement text templates of your legal documents and include placeholders for the Partner User's signature and other Partner-specific information, e.g., Company Name, address, etc., in the template. 

Specify which Partner Types and Regions will be automatically required to sign the Agreement by default.

When an authorized Partner User with an unsigned Agreement logs into the portal, they will be presented with the Agreement. 

View & Sign Agreements Page


They will review the Agreement and type/enter their name to create an electronic signature.

Agreement Signature Page

The signed Agreement is stored in the Partner's profile in the portal. 

Organization Profile - Partner View


Can I impersonate a Partner User and sign their Agreements?

To protect the integrity of the system, impersonated Users are not able to sign Agreements.

What determines whether a User is authorized to sign Agreements?

Unless their authorization level has been specified prior, a Partner User will be asked whether they are authorized the first time they log in if there's a Pending Agreement awaiting signature for their Organization.

You can specify whether a User is authorized to sign Agreements by editing their profile and selecting from the corresponding dropdown:

User Details - Edit 

What happens if the User is not authorized to sign Agreements? 

The system will allow them to log in and access the portal unless the Agreement settings are configured to only allow Partner Users to access the portal once all required Agreements are signed by an authorized User at their Organization. The User will then see the below customizable system message. Learn more about the Partner Agreement Settings here

How do I assign Partner Agreements? 

Agreements can be assigned automatically using Partner Types and Regions or manually from the Partner's Details page. Learn more about this topic here: How Do I Assign Partner Agreements?.

Can I manually upload Agreements that were signed outside of Channeltivity to a Partner's profile? 

Yes, learn more about this topic here: How Do I Manually Upload a Signed Agreement to a Partner's Profile?.

How can I automatically countersign Partner Agreements?

You can enable the Internal Counter Signature to automatically add your company’s countersignature to Partner Agreements after the Partner signs. Simply specify the countersignatory in the settings and add the Internal Countersignature placeholder to your Agreement templates.

  1. Go to the Partner Agreements Settings page (Settings > Partner Agreements > Partner Agreement Settings).
  2. Check the "Enable automatic countersigning of agreements" box.
  3. Scroll down to the "Internal Countersignature Block" and enter the details of the person whose signature and information should appear in the countersignature block. You can also update the contents of the Countersignature Block.
  4. Once you've configured the Internal Counter Signature settings, click Save and go to your Agreement Templates to add the Internal Countersignature Block placeholder.

Can I be notified when a Partner User signs an Agreement? 

Yes, you can enable the Signed Agreement Notification by going to Settings > Partner Agreement Settings. Scroll to the bottom of the page to select the "Signed Agreement Notification" checkbox and enter the email addresses of the recipients you want notified when an Agreement is signed. 

Signed Agreements Notification

How can I make my Partner Agreements prettier by using my company letterhead/stationery?

Adding PDF letterhead to use as a backdrop for your Partner Agreements is easy to set up and configure:

  1. Go to the Partner Agreements Letterhead page (Settings > Partner Agreements > Partner Agreement Letterhead).
  2. Select the "Use a custom letterhead" option.
  3. Upload a PDF of your letterhead.
  4. Adjust the margins either by modifying the numbers in the text boxes or dragging the dotted margin lines on the preview image.
  5. Hit the "Save Margins" button.
  6. Any Agreements signed by your Partners moving forward will now use your letterhead as a backdrop.

Are Partners notified about Pending Agreements Awaiting Signature? 

Partners do not receive notifications of pending Agreements. However, authorized Users are prompted to sign any pending Agreements upon logging in to the portal and/or activating their User account. 

Do Partner Agreements sync with Salesforce or HubSpot? 

Partner Agreements do not sync with Salesforce or HubSpot. 

Can Partner Users download signed Agreements?

Yes, the below setting in the Partner Agreement Settings (Settings > Partner Agreements > Partner Agreement Settings) allows you to specify which Users can download Partner Agreements from their Organization Profile.

Can Agreement Templates be assigned to Distributor Organizations?

The Partner Agreements functionality is for Partner Organizations only. 

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