Our public demo / sandbox is an ideal place for you to begin to understand the power of Channeltivity and the impact that it can make on your channel program management. With Channeltivity, you can easily recruit and onboard new partners, provide them with the latest news and information on your solution and engage with them on deals, leads and marketing activities. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

NOTE: If you haven't already, contact us to request a Public Demo Account.

Below are a few key areas to explore as you become acquainted with Channeltivity. As you visit each section, complete some of the recommended activities noted below. In addition, feel free to access the “settings” section of each module to understand how you can further customize the portal to meet your strategic business objectives and processes.

NOTE: Make sure to check out the user interface walkthrough and our best practice articles and videos.

Home – This initial welcome page gives you the ability to provide key news and announcements to your partners, link to new resources as well as other areas within the portal. Try these activities:

  • Click on the Configure button to easily drag and drop widgets to reformat the look and feel of the homepage for your partners.
  • Add a new article or welcome message (keep in mind that you can use our standard editor or insert your own HTML source code).
  • Add the channel team widget (if not already there). This allows your partners to quickly see whom their key contacts are in your organization
  • View and/or edit the group permissions for each of the existing pieces of content.
  • Read our best practice article on designing your partner portal homepage.

Admin – This is where you will manage your groups, users and organizations. In this section try these activities:

  • Establish a partner group and an internal group with appropriate settings.

  • Add a user in the “User” section of the Admin tab.

Settings – This is a key area where you will be able to customize the look and feel of your portal, set various global settings and manage some email templates. In addition, you will manage your groups, users and organizations. In this section try these activities:

  • Settings > Portal Customization > Portal Skin Manager: Customize the look and feel for the portal 

  • Settings > Portal Customization > Menu & Page Manager: Customize the names of the tabs or add a new tab.

Partners – This is the section where you will recruit and manage your partners. Within this section, try these activities:

  • Add an active partner.
  • Add a prospective partner.
  • Review existing partners and create a report based on search criteria.
  • Settings > Partners > Partner Module Settings: Enable the “Become a Partner” form which can be linked from your website.
  • Settings > Partner Agreements > Partner Agreement Templates: Add a partner agreement template so you can manage the partner agreement process fully within Channeltivity.

Deals – Within this section, you will be able to receive deal registrations. Try these activities:

  • Add a new deal registration (and link to an MDF activity).
  • Change the registration status of an existing deal.
  • Settings > Deal Registration > Deal Email Notifications: Configure email notifications for deal registrations.
  • Read the Salesforce.com Deal Integration article to learn how you can integrate your deal registration process with Salesforce.com CRM.

Leads – Within this section, you will be able to distribute leads to your partners. Try these activities:

  • Add a new lead.
  • Update an existing lead or assign it to a partner.
  • Read the Salesforce.com Lead Integration article to learn how you can integrate your lead distribution process with Salesforce.com CRM.

Library – This section allows you to provide your partners with resources to sell and market your solution. Within this section, try these activities:

  • Add a new folder for “case studies”.
  • Within the folder, add a new document, video or link (keep in mind this is a public demo site so other users may see the content you load) and assign it to a group appropriate for viewing this document.
  • Within the Reports section, view various reports to see how many times your documents are downloaded, user activity, etc.

MDF – Within this section, you will be able to manage the Marketing Development Fund program with your partners.

  • Add new funds to a partner.
  • Request a fund for your partner and follow through with the approval and reimbursement process by changing the status section.
  • Review the activity of a partner by clicking on a specific partner.