The News & Email Marketing modules allow you to create rich news content within Channeltivity and customize the audience based on permissions and subscribed topics. You can then send personalized email messages to Partners with News Items content relevant to their interests. 

This article explains how to create News Items within Channeltivity.

Here's how to create and configure a News Item:

  1. Create your Topics ( if you haven't done so already) by going to Settings > News > Topics.
  2. Go to the News module in the left navigation menu. 
  3. Select the “New News Item” button to create a News Item and update the below fields:
  • Title – Name of the News Item.
  • Thumbnail – Image is displayed in the Thumbnail View of the News Items and included in the body of Marketing Emails. Image should be saved as GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG or JFIF and be at least 320px high and 512px wide. 
  • Excerpt (up to 400 characters): Description of the News Item is displayed in the Thumbnail view of the News Items and in the body of the Marketing Emails.
  • Call to Action Label: Add an additional call to action that is displayed below the Excerpt of your News Item.
  • Destination: Enter your own content or link the item to a destination within Channeltivity such as a custom page, module or file/folder in the Library. You can also link to external pages on the web.   
    • Note: Keep in mind when linking to areas in Channeltivity, that Users will only see News Items linked to areas in the portal they have access to in their Group permissions.  
  • Topics: Assign the News Item to one or more Topics.
  • Heading: Select the Heading you want the News Item to appear under in Marketing Emails. Learn more about Headings here.
  • Feature this News Item: Select the checkbox to have the News Item appear at the top of a Mailing within the Heading. You can also configure the News Widget to only display featured News Items. 
  • Groups: Set the appropriate Group permissions for the News Item.
  • Visible From & Until: You can set content to go live on a specific date and expire.  
  • Hide this news Item from Users that haven't received it in a Mailing - Select the checkbox to prevent Users from seeing the News Item in the portal until the News Item has been sent to the User in a Mailing.
  • Publish Status: There are two Publish Statuses for News Items: 
    • Published - makes the News Item visible to the Users in the Groups that have subscribed to the Topic(s) assigned to the News Item
    • Draft - makes the News Item visible to Admin Users only and it gives them the ability to make edits before publishing the News Item. 

4. Click the "Save" button to save your changes.