The Channeltivity Training & Certification module gives you the ability to easily create and deliver media-rich training to your partners from your secure portal. Create, promote, and automate the delivery of training materials, test and certify partner knowledge, and track partner training progress.  Learn more about the Training and Certification Module.

***Before you get started setting up the Training and Certification module, update your Groups to include Training & Certification Module access.***

To add Training permissions to your Group settings:

  1. Click Admin from the left menu.
  2. Select Groups.
  3. Select multiple Groups by checking the box or select a single group by clicking the group name to edit.
  4. Select the Training permission.
  5. Save.

With Training added to the Group permissions, you can start creating Courses and Certifications.

Training & Certification Settings

To update the out of the box Training & Certification Module Settings, go to Settings > Training & Certification > Training Module Settings. 

In the "Quiz and Course Completions" section, you specify the number of days that completed Quizzes and Courses are to remain valid.  

  • Completed Quizzes - When a User completes a Quiz, it remains completed for the number of days that you specify here. If the User doesn't complete the other items in the Course by the time the Quiz Completion expires, the system will prompt the User to retake the Quiz. 
  • Completed Courses - When a User completes a Course, the Completion remains valid for the number of days that you specify here. Once the Course Completion expires, the User can retake the Course. This feature is beneficial for Certification-focused programs that require Users to retake Courses to obtain new Certifications. It also prevents knowledge from getting stale. 

Training & Certification - Quiz & Course Completions Settings 

You can also customize the text that appears on the Course Details page for External Courses. External Courses are Courses completed outside of Channeltivity, such as live in-person training or training that occurs in another system. 

External Courses Page Description 

The naming convention for your Training & Certification module can be updated in the "Training Module Taxonomy" section. 

Training & Certification - Taxonomy