If you need to quickly run a report that shows how much funding a Partner has in open MDF Requests (neither completed nor reimbursed), do the following:

  1. Go to MDF > Organizations. 

  2. Make sure the Time Period filter on the left is set to "All Time."

  3. Export the report to Excel by clicking the downward-facing arrow in the top right > Export to Excel.

    4. In the Excel report, create a new column (e.g., Open MDF Requests) with the sum of the "Current MDF Balance" minus the "Available for New MDF Requests" columns. That amount shows you how much funding a Partner has in open MDF Requests.

    TIP: To subtract one column from another column in Excel, you can use a simple mathematical formula. Here's how you can do it using the below Excel spreadsheet as an example:
    1. Click on the cell in the new column where you want the result to appear (e.g., O2).

    2. To subtract the value in cell L2 (Current MDF Balance) from the value in cell N2 (Available for New MDF Requests), you would enter the following formula: =L2 - N2
    3. Press Enter.

    4. The calculated amount will then be displayed in cell O2.

    5. Click the bottom right corner of cell O2 and drag it down the column to apply the formula to the remaining cells.