With the Multi-Language Translation functionality enabled in your PRM, all page content is captured and translated automatically, giving Users the ability to view page content in their preferred language. Since translations are machine-generated, they might not always be accurate and require manual adjustments.

This article explains how to review, edit and manage Translations in Channeltivity as an Administrator. For an overview of the functionality, check out: How Does the Multi-Language Translation Functionality Work?

Translation Workflow & Statuses

When a User requests a page in a Language other than English, the application reviews the text on the page and applies translations. Any text that doesn't have a translation goes through the following process:

  1. The text gets stored in the translations database as a "Text Segment" with the status "Pending".
  2. The text then gets submitted to the translation service. Once the translation is returned, it is stored, and the Text Segment status is set to "Translated".

You can mark a Text Segment as "Do Not Translate" (see next section), which prevents it from being translated on the page. 

Editing Translations: 

System Admins and Internal Users with administrative access to the Language Translation functionality can review and edit Translations by going to Settings > Localization > Translations. The Translations page includes Text Segments, which are individual segments of English text used in your portal, along with Translations which are Text Segments that have been translated into the other Languages enabled in your portal. 

You can edit Translations by clicking the "Edit" button next to a Translation:

The Edit Translation window will appear and include the Text Segment in English at the top and the Translation below it. Users can edit the Translation text and click "Save" to push changes made to the Translation live. 

Note: The "Regenerate Machine Translation" button allows you to restore the original machine-generated Translation. 

Excluding Content from Translation: 

You can exclude content from translation by selecting the checkbox next to the Translation that you want to exclude > Actions > Do Not Translate. 

Note: You can make it available for Translation again by clicking the "Actions" button > Translate. 

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