In this section, you can add custom fields to the User/Contact profiles. The fields can be made visible on the Request Access Form and/or the Primary Contact section on the Become a Partner form. 

Request Access Form 

Field Customization

To add a new field:

  1. Go to Settings > User & Organization Fields > User Custom Fields
  2. Click the Add Field link.
  3. Name your field. This Name will be the field name the Partner sees when completing your registration.
  4. Select the field type and add a description.
  5. Set the field visibility. From here you can determine which fields will be displayed for Partners when they request access to the portal or complete the Become a Partner Form.
  6. When you are finished adding your custom field, click OK.

User Custom Fields Window

If you need to reorder fields, hover your mouse over the field and click to drag. If you need to edit or remove a field, hover your mouse over the field and select one of the options listed on the far right. 

 User Custom Field Page 

Field Requirements & Visibility

This section will allow you to determine which of the standard User/Contact fields are required and visible in various areas of the portal.

  1. Click each checkbox to adjust the settings to align with the needs of your program. 
  2. When finished, click Save.

User Field Requirement & Visibility Window