Please make sure to always create an Opportunity when you convert a Lead in Salesforce. This is the only way the link between the record in Channeltivity and Salesforce can be maintained. If you don't create an Opportunity, you will have disconnected records. 

The following article explains what happens if you don't create an Opportunity upon Lead conversion using the Deal Registration and Referral integrations with Salesforce. The same holds true for Channeltivity's Lead Distribution integration as well.

If you have the Deal Registration (and/or Referral) integration with Salesforce enabled, the Salesforce Status field on the Deal (and/or Referral) details page displays a link to the record in Salesforce along with an icon indicating its status:

As you can see, the Deal Registration is linked to a Lead record in Salesforce and all is well.

Clicking the "details" link will open a dialog with additional info:

Channeltivity is designed to maintain the link if the Lead is converted to an Opportunity in Salesforce. If you don't create an Opportunity during the conversion process in Salesforce (this is done by checking the highlighted box in the screenshot below), the connection between the Deal Registration (and/or Referral) in Channeltivity and Salesforce is lost and the status is set to "Disconnected" or "Converted". Don't do this. Always create an Opportunity when converting.

Disconnected records will show up like this:

Clicking on the "details" link will show you the exact issue:

Clicking the "History" link will bring you to the Integration Log where you'll see more details:

If you click the link to open the record in Salesforce, you'll see the following message. As you can see, the Lead was converted without creating an Opportunity:

Converting a Salesforce Lead without creating the associated Opportunity breaks the integration with Channeltivity. Make sure to always create an Opportunity when converting Leads.

How do I fix a disconnected Lead? 

You must unlink the Channeltivity record from the Salesforce Lead that was converted without creating an Opportunity and link it to an existing Opportunity in Salesforce. Instructions can be found in the below article: