We require that all customer portals are secured using SSL and officially only support portal URLs using a Channeltivity subdomain, but if you're technically savvy you can use your own domain. With your own web server and SSL certificate (or using one of the services mentioned below) you can set up a reverse proxy and access your Channeltivity portal using a custom domain:

  1. Set up a reverse proxy with an SSL certificate for your custom domain, e.g. https://partners.mycompany.com
  2. Configure the proxy to forward everything from itself to your secure Channeltivity domain, e.g. https://mycompany.channeltivity.com
  3. Contact Channeltivity Support with the new domain information so we can configure your portal to send email notifications etc. to use your custom domain.
  4. Voila! You have a custom domain with SSL.

Please note that using a reverse proxy is not supported and we won't be able to help with any configuration issues.

Helpful Resources

Reverse Proxy as a Service

There are a number of cloud application delivery/analytics/security/CDN providers that include reverse proxy in their services. We haven't tried any of these and can't vouch for them, but here they are: