Turn on Quick Search Tiles in your Resource Library to help Users quickly find the content they need. This functionality is especially useful for Libraries with lots of content as it highlights key resources for your partners.

When enabled, Quick Search Tiles appear in a bar above the content:

Each Quick Search Tile consists of an image, name, and destination. The destination can be any combination of search terms, Folder location, filters (Custom Fields and Tags), and sort order. Here are some Quick Search Tile examples:

Example 1: Folder Destination

If you're using Folders in your Library, using Quick Search Tiles to highlight an important Folder is a great way to drive traffic. Depending on your Folder structure, you might use this to drive resellers to information about your partner program, sales resources, or marketing materials. For example:

  • Name: "Marketing Materials"
  • Folder Location: Marketing Materials
  • Sort Order: Recently Changed

Example 2: Filtering by Tags and Document Type

Tags provide a flexible way to organize Library content and are particularly useful for Quick Search Tiles. Let's assume your Library contains a number of videos, and some of those are about your product. You could create a "product" Tag and tag all Documents that pertain to your product and then create a Quick Search Tile for "Product Videos" that returns all Documents of the type "Video" that are tagged "product":

  • Name: "Product Videos"
  • Folder Location: /
  • Document Type: Video
  • Tags: product

Managing Quick Search Tiles

You can enable and make changes to Quick Search Tiles through the settings section available through the Library Configuration menu by hovering your mouse over the header and clicking the ellipsis icon on the right > Configure Library > Quick Search Tiles. 

The Quick Search Tiles configuration includes a number of controls:

  • Enable Quick Search Tiles: Click the checkbox to enable Quick Search Tiles and uncheck the checkbox to disable Quick Search Tiles. 
  • Add Tile: Use this to add a new Quick Search Tile. You can have up to 6 tiles at once, although we recommend 3-4 for best usability.
  • Reorder: Click to change the order of Quick Search Tiles using drag and drop.
  • List of Tiles: Shows a text representation of your Quick Search Tiles. Use the Action button to edit or remove individual Tiles. You always must have at least 2 Tiles when Quick Search Tiles are enabled.

Creating and Editing a Quick Search Tile

Adding a new Quick Search Tile or editing an existing one follows the same steps. Here's a walkthrough.

  1. Click the "Add Tile" button or select the "Edit" action for an existing Quick Search Tile to open the Tile edit view, where you set the title of the Tile along with its image. You can opt to use one of the pre-loaded images or click the “New Image” button to upload your own image (GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, or JFIF at least 240px high and 192px wide).

  2. Click the "Edit Destination" button to browse the Library and specify where to send Users who click this Tile. You do this by making selections to any of these four areas, also highlighted in the screenshot below:
    1. Folder: If you're using Folders in your Library, you can select one as part of the Quick Search Tile destination.
    2. Filter: Select any number of Filters, which include Document Type, Tags, and any Custom Fields you have defined.
    3. Sort Order: Choose which order the content should be displayed in when the Tile is clicked.
    4. Search: Use the search field to return Documents matching a specified search term.
  3. Once you're done defining the Tile destination and details, make sure to click Done until you're back at the Quick Search Tiles configuration screen and then save to publish your changes.

Important Tips

  • Keep in mind that permissions may hide certain content from some Users, so make sure that all Quick Search Tiles link to destinations with content accessible to all Users.
  • The Library supports any number between 2 and 6 Quick Search Tiles, but we recommend using 3 or 4 for best results.
  • Use similar Quick Search Tile image styles to create consistency. 

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