Along with Tags, Custom Fields can be used to organize your Library content and make results easily filterable. Even though Custom Fields are like Tags in that they allow you to add keywords, labels or metadata to your Library content, Custom Fields provide a more rigid structure. Custom Fields are optional and not limited in number.

Some examples on how you might use Custom Fields in your Library:

  1. Product Line: Add a multi-select Custom Field to capture which product line a piece of content pertains to. This would allow channel partners to narrow down results to a certain product. 
  2. Language: Add a picklist Custom Field to specify the language of each piece of content. That way, partners can quickly find localized content in their preferred language. 

Like Tags, Custom Fields are global and not specific to a Library. This means that if you happen to have multiple Libraries (which we generally don't recommend), your Custom Fields will appear for content in all of them.

Creating and Managing Document Custom Fields 

You can add and manage Library Custom Fields by clicking the “Custom Fields” link in the Library Configuration Menu or by going to Settings > Library > Document Custom Fields. 

Using the screenshot below as a reference, here's how you complete common Custom Field operations:

  • Add a Custom Field: 
    • Click the "Add Field" link 
    • Name the Field 
    • Select the field type: Picklist or Multiselect
    • Add a Description (optional) 
    • Set the field’s visibility: 
      • Leave the “Non-Admin View” checkbox selected to make the field visible to all Users.
      • Uncheck the “Non-Admin View” checkbox to hide the field from Non-Admin Users. Doing so will make the field only visible to System Admins and Internal Users with Documentation Administration access to the Library. 
    • Click “Ok”
    • Click “Save” to save your changes.
  • Edit a Custom Field: Hover your mouse above the field you wish to edit and select the "Edit" link that appears on the far right
  • Change Custom Field options: Hover your mouse above the field you wish to edit and select the "Manage Multiselect Values" or "Manage Picklist Values" link that appears.
  • Delete a Custom Field: Hover your mouse above the field you wish to edit and select the "Delete" link.

Important Tip: While you have the ability to create as many Document Custom Fields as you want, we recommend limiting the number to two or three Custom Fields. This avoids cluttering the Filter options in the Library.

Setting Custom Fields on Library Content

Any Custom Fields you create will appear below the Owner input and above the "Permissions & Visibility" section on the content edit page:

Filtering Library Content using Custom Fields

Any Custom Fields you create will automatically appear in the Filters area of the Library, allowing Users to narrow results based on their selections:

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