Users can update their email preferences by clicking on their profile in the top right corner of the portal > Email Settings. 

From the Email Settings Page, click the "Update Email Settings" button in the top right. 

The Email Settings contain the below configuration options:

  • Subscribe to Recieve Emails - Select the checkbox to receive emails from the system. Uncheck the checkbox to unsubscribe from all system emails. 
    • Email Subscriptions: Specify the types of emails you'd like to receive from the system
      • Portal Notifications -  Notifications about created and updated records such as Deals, Leads, and MDF Requests.  
      • Portal Reminders - Periodic email messages about updated content and records that require action, etc. 
      • Marketing Emails - Mailings sent from the Email Marketing module.
      • Channeltivity Customer Newsletter (System Admins) - Receive Channeltivity's Customer Newsletter, which includes channel and software best practices, tips, and valuable resources.

      • Channeltivity Product Announcements (System Admins)- Receive Channeltivity's Product Announcements, which include upgrade and product change notifications.

You can also specify the preferred Format for email notifications:

  • DigestBundles activity notifications of Deals, Leads, and MDF Requests into a single email that is sent approximately one hour after the first notification event.
  • Immediate: Sends individual notifications for each event.

Users who have opted-in to receive Portal Reminders can set the frequency for those Reminders as well as disable Reminders they no longer want to receive.