In this section, you will learn how to add custom pages to your portal. Custom pages within Channeltivity are designed to provide additional flexibility for your Partner content. Below is a list of the custom page types that are available:

  • Custom Page - A customized content page that allows you to place Widgets. You can create up to two-page levels in your site navigation - top level pages and one level of subpages. Learn more here
  • Link - A linkable page that appears in the navigation. 
  • iFrame Page - Allows you to add any internal or external external page to your portal's navigation. Learn more here.
  • Library -  Allows you to add additional Libraries to your portal. Learn more here
  • Forum - Allows you to add additional discussion forums.

Menu & Page Manager Screen

Add a Page: 

  1. Go to Settings > Portal Customization > Menu & Page Manager 
  2. Click the New button to add a page. 
  3. Select the page type you want to add.
  4. Complete the requirements for the page type and click Save to save your changes. 
  5. Once you add a new item, it will appear in the left main navigation menu. Select the item from the left main navigation menu to view and/or begin adding content. 

New Custom Page Window

Add a Subpage:

Select a custom page from the Menu and Page Manager list.

Menu & Page Manager Screen

Add another page level by clicking the New button. 

Subpage Screen

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