This article provides instructions for managing home page and other custom page content. For instructions on how to add additional custom pages to your portal, check out: Custom Page Configuration. 

Since the home page is the first page Users see upon logging into the portal, you'll want it to be organized, visually appealing and frequently updated with new content. Use this page to communicate key program details, recently added marketing content and incentives/promotions. Include call to actions to direct Users to specific areas in the portal to register Deals or submit MDF requests. You can also use Groups to create multiple versions of the page, so that Users only see content that is relevant to the Group(s) they are assigned to. Click here for more tips and best practices for designing your home page.

To begin configuring the content on a custom page, click the Actions button in the upper right-hand corner of the page and select Page Settings. 

Home Page - Actions Menu

The Page Settings allow you to do the following: 

  • Rename the title of the page
  • Change the icon used to indicate the page in the left navigation menu 
  • Show/hide the page title, description and breadcrumbs 
  • Remove margins around content (Widgets). Learn more about this topic here.

Page Settings Window

Adding Widgets

Once you've configured the Page Settings, you can begin adding content and configuring the layout of the page using the Layout Editor. To access the Layout Editor, click the Actions button in the top right corner > Layout Editor. 

Actions Menu - Home Page 

Channeltivity has a wide selection of Widgets to help you add content to your custom page. Review a brief description of each Widget in the the "Add Widgets" section on the right to help determine the appropriate Widget for your use case. Once you've decided on a Widget, click and drag it over to the appropriate location on your custom page. 

Add Widgets

To edit or remove the Widget, hover your mouse over it and click the gear icon in the top right corner of the Widget. 

Edit/Remove a Widget

Segmenting Content 

Use the Widgets listed below to segment content and messaging on the page for different user experiences. For example, you can create different welcome messages for your Groups, so that when Users view the page, they only see the message that applies to them. 

Note: Learn more about setting permissions and content access here: How do I set Partner Portal Content Access & Permissions?

The three radio buttons listed below give you the ability to set permissions for each message:

  • Everyone: The message will be visible to all Users. 
  • Selected Groups: Only Users in the selected Groups will see the message. 
  • No One: Only Admin Users and Internal Users with "Widget Content Administration" will see the message.  

Permissions & Visiblity 

Adding Columns 

You can divide and section content/Widgets on the page using columns. To add a column, hover your mouse over the blue line between columns and click the plus sign(+) button. 

Add Column Button

To delete a column, hover your mouse over the blue line between columns and click the X button. 

Delete Column Button 

If you need to resize columns, click the blue line between columns and drag the line to adjust the width of the column. 

Resize Columns 

Columns can also be split to display Widgets side-by-side by clicking the split columns button under the "drop Widgets here" areas in the column. 

Split Columns 

Previewing Page Content  

When you are finished designing your custom page, click the Exit Layout Editor button in the top right corner of the page. 

Exit Layout Editor - Home Page 

You'll then be taken to the Admin view of the page. If you would like to see how the home page displays for other Users that aren't Admins, click the "Preview page content as button" and select a User from the dropdown menu. 

User Preview 

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