This article gives step-by-step setup instructions of Channeltivity’s Partner Sync integration with HubSpot. An overview of the integration can be found in this article: HubSpot Integration: Partner Sync - Overview

Set Up HubSpot Fields:

You'll need to create two properties on the Company object in HubSpot to flag and categorize the HubSpot Partner Companies that you want to sync with Channeltivity. 

  • Checkbox: The checkbox is used to flag the Partner Companies in HubSpot that you want to sync with Channeltivity.  
    1. In HubSpot go to Settings > Properties > Create Property 
    2. In the Object Type field, select "Company" and select a Group
    3. You'll then enter "Sync with Channeltivity" for the Label, then click Next
    4. Select "Single checkbox" from the Field Type field > Create. 

  • Dropdown Select: The dropdown select is used to categorize your Partners by Status (e.g., Active, Prospective, and Inactive). You can create a new dropdown select property in HubSpot using the instructions listed below:
    1. In HubSpot go to Settings > Properties > Create Property 
    2. In the Object Type field, select "Company" and select a Group. 
    3. You'll then enter "Channeltivity Partner Status"  for the Label, then click Next
    4. Select "Dropdown Select" from the Field Type field and add the below values:
      • Active
      • Prospective
      • Inactive

Note: If using an existing dropdown-select field in HubSpot, the field should only contain the three values listed above. This is because the field will be mapped to a system field in Channeltivity called "Status" that includes only the three values listed above. (Channeltivity system fields cannot be modified, added to, or removed.)

Prep HubSpot Partner Data:

IMPORTANT: To avoid duplicate records being created, it is of critical importance that all your Partner Companies in HubSpot are properly categorized with the status (active, prospective, inactive) and have the sync flag/checkbox set.

Go through your Partner Companies in HubSpot and make sure the records that you want to sync with Channeltivity have the "Sync with Channeltivity" checkbox selected and the "Partner Status" field is set to Active, Prospective or Inactive. You can update multiple records at once using the technique outlined in this article

Configure Channeltivity:

If you haven't completed the authorization process to connect Channeltivity to HubSpot, your HubSpot Admin will need to authorize Channeltivity to access HubSpot. Once the systems are connected, you can begin configuring the Partner Sync Integration.

  1. Go to Settings > HubSpot Integration > Partner Sync

  2. Set the Partner Sync to "Bi-Directional Sync" and choose whether or not you want to sync Prospective Partners and/or Inactive Partners. You'll then select the checkbox field, "Sync with Channeltivity" from the dropdown menu.

  3. Scroll down to the field mappings configuration section to view the two-way flow of data between Partner records in Channeltivity and HubSpot. The system displays all of the Partner and Contact fields in Channeltivity on the left and all of the Company and Contact fields in HubSpot on the right. You will need to map the built-in Status field in Channeltivity to the new "Partner Status" field that you created in HubSpot.

    To map the field, click the plus sign next to Status > select "Partner Status" from the HubSpot dropdown menu > Add.

  4. You'll then match the Channeltivity statuses/values (e.g., Active, Prospective, and Inactive) to the corresponding values in the HubSpot Partner Status property.


    Note: All properties and dropdown values are pulled directly from HubSpot. If you change them in HubSpot, you'll need to refresh the page to have them appear.

  5. When you are finished with your mappings, you can update the data flow for existing field mappings by clicking on the buttons between the mappings. You can also add additional mappings by clicking on the "Add Mappings" button. Learn more about this topic in this article:  HubSpot Integration: Field Mapping Configuration.

  6. Once all your mappings are complete, press the "Save" button at the very bottom of the page to finish the setup process. The system will then prompt you to specify how conflicting field values in HubSpot and Channeltivity should be resolved if both fields have data during the initial sync.

    • Use data from the most recently updated record 
    • Channeltivity overwrites the data that's in the corresponding HubSpot property
    • HubSpot overwrites the data that's in the corresponding Channeltivity field

  7. When the saving process completes, you will be redirected to the Partner matching wizard, which allows you to link existing Partners from both systems to prevent the creation of duplicate records. To begin the matching process, you must first confirm that you've flagged your Partner Companies in HubSpot by selecting the "Sync with Channeltivity" checkbox on each record and set the Partner Status field to active, prospective, or inactive. 

    You'll also need to specify the "Master System' for the initial sync. The Master System is used only for the first sync, and determines which side is used if field data exists in both Channeltivity and HubSpot. Once the initial sync is complete, the most recently changed data is used as the master for all subsequent syncs. Tip: You can change the Master System as you go along.

    When you are finished, press the "Continue" button to begin the matching process. 
  8. The wizard suggests Partners based on Partner name and address.  It also allows you to link each Partner in Channeltivity to an existing Partner Company in HubSpot or create a new Partner Company if needed. Any Contacts/Users will be matched solely based on their email addresses, and HubSpot Contacts without email addresses will not be synced.

    In the screenshot below, you see Channeltivity Partners on the left and the suggested HubSpot Company matches on the right. You can now do one of the following:

    • Select the suggested HubSpot Company by pressing the "Link" button. 
    • Manually select a different Company using the "Select Other Company" dropdown and corresponding "Link" button.
    • Create a completely new Company in HubSpot by pressing the "Create New Company" button in the bottom right.
    • Permanently exclude the record from synchronization by pressing the "Do Not Sync" button on the left.

  9. When you've matched all your Partners, and the matching process is complete, a confirmation page is displayed, and Channeltivity will start syncing Partner records.