Brainshark’s cloud-based software allows you to easily create interactive presentations for channel communications and partner training. You can easily add Brainshark presentations to the Resource Library or integrate Brainshark's Learning Locker with your channel partner portal.

How the SSO integration with Brainshark works

When a user accesses a Brainshark presentation in the Library or the Brainshark Learning Locker page, Channeltivity will perform the following steps:

  1. Check whether the current Channeltivity User has a user account within Brainshark. 
  2. If the user doesn't exist in Brainshark, create one and assign it to a specified group within Brainshark.
  3. Log in the user using Brainshark's LoginAndGo function.

How to set up the Brainshark with Channeltivity


Follow these steps to set up Brainshark SSO with Channeltivity:

  1. Log into your Brainshark portal and click the "Administration" link under "My Applications" (you need to have "company admin" privileges:
  2. Make note of the Company ID. You'll need to enter it into Channeltivity later.

  3. Then, navigate to the "Manage Groups" section in the Brainshark side nav. Select the group you want your partners to be assigned to within Brainshark:
  4. On the group profile page, make note of the Group ID as well:

  5. Then, within Channeltivity, navigate to the Brainshark Settings page (Settings > API & Integrations > Brainshark) and enter your Brainshark Username and Password, and the Company ID and Group ID from the previous steps. If you're testing this out with a Brainshark Beta instance, check the box. It should be unchecked in a production environment.
    IMPORTANT: the Brainshark user you enter must have "company admin" privileges.

  6.  This completes the Brainshark SSO setup process. You can now add Brainshark presentations to the Resource Library and give your partners access their Brainshark Learning Locker. You can embed the Single Sign-on link anywhere in your portal, either as a new page, in the Library or linking an Article.