We are excited to announce the release of our new Channeltivity user interface, designed to improve usability and aesthetics, and provide an improved mobile and tablet experience. This major release will provide you with a more user-friendly experience wherever and whenever you log in.


When is the new UI available?

  • The new UI is currently in preview for existing customers. Existing customers can request access by submitting a ticket.
  • EXISTING customers can migrate to the new UI.
  • NEW customers start with the new UI.

What are the big changes?

  • Main navigation now uses icons and is collapsed by default, freeing up space to display the page content. Moving the mouse over the navigation causes it to expand, revealing additional text links.
  • Redesigned page header for persistent branding and cleaner navigation.
  • More login page styling options, including the ability to set a background image.
  • Breadcrumbs on all pages facilitate navigation.
  • More robust mobile experience with 99% feature parity to the desktop/laptop view.

What does the new UI look like?

Here are a few screenshots of the new UI, but you can also check out: Navigation & Controls for more details. 

Updated header and main navigation:

Moving the mouse over the navigation causes it to expand, revealing additional text links (see next screenshot).

Expanded navigation and sub-navigation:

Deal Registration lister mobile page with card layouts:

Login page with background image:

How does the preview and migration process work?

When the new UI preview is enabled, any Admin User can switch to the new UI using the provided link in the header. Previewing the new UI, does not change the view for all Users. 

Admins can migrate the system to the new UI by clicking the "Migrate now" link in the header. Clicking the link migrates all Users to the new UI.

If I migrate, does it only change my view or the view for everyone? 

Clicking the "migrate now" link, migrates all Users to the new UI. 

Will I lose any data?

You will not lose any data. We’re not making any major changes to Channeltivity’s back-end functionality or data structure, but are simply changing the front-end interface. The new user interface connects to the same backend data and functionality as the old one.

Are there any breaking changes?

There are no breaking changes, but once you migrate to the new UI there are a few items you'll need to update: 

  • Logo & Color Scheme - Launch the Portal Skin Manager to upload a higher resolution logo (Settings > Portal Customization > Portal Skin Manager).
  • Main Navigation Icons - The main navigation menu on the left will now include icons. The icons represent modules and custom pages. You can review and update the icons by going to Settings > Portal Customization > Menu & Page Manager.

What if I don’t migrate to the new UI?

If you haven’t completed the migration on your own, we will start nagging you within Channeltivity and via email to complete the upgrade process. Eventually, all customers will be forced to upgrade. We are giving you plenty of time to preview the new UI, will listen to your concerns, if any, and attempt to address them to make you feel comfortable.

What if I have more questions?

We love hearing from you! Please let us know by submitting a support ticket. We might even add your question to this page!