Channeltivity's Brainshark Integration allows you to securely serve Brainshark presentations within the Resource Library of your channel partner portal. This article explains the best way to set permissions within Brainshark so that your presentations can be viewed within Channeltivity. If you haven't already done so, review the Brainshark Integration article first.

Step 1: Securing Your Content

The benefit of Channeltivity's integration with Brainshark is that it gives your partners access to protected Brainshark content without having to log into Brainshark separately. The first step in getting your Brainshark content ready to be added to Channeltivity is to enable password protection for the presentation within Brainshark. This is done by editing the presentation and then checking the "Require User ID and password to view presentation" box in the "Security" tab. Note: while this is not required, leaving the box unchecked will allow anyone to view the Brainshark presentation as long as they have the link.

Make sure that the "Ask viewer to register with Guestbook" checkbox is unchecked. If you leave it checked, viewers coming from Channeltivity will asked to fill out another form in order to access your presentation.

Step 2: Setting Brainshark Group Permissions

Once your content is secured, setting the correct group permissions in Brainshark ensures users can view your content. This is done by editing the permissions of the Brainshark group associated with the integration with Channeltivity. Click the "Permissions" link in the group's Settings area:


And then make sure that the Group has "Viewer" permissions for all the folders with content you want to share within Channeltivity.

If you don't set the correct permissions, your users in Channeltivity will see the "The presentation you have selected is not currently active. Please try again later." error message when trying to access content: